Case Study



HVAC MS created a unique process for assembly lines, which required custom programming and tablet-friendly interfaces. They came to us looking to build a fully custom web application that would be used on the floor of warehouses with various permission levels, depending on a user's role.

  • Build custom interfaces with user flows to fit unqiue process
  • Establish and code logic for user roles and activities
  • Create reporting and logging capabilities to track tasks
The Outcome

A fully custom, tablet-friendly web application that supports HVAC MS as the premiere United States HVAC management solution company.

Planning and Research

Project Blueprint

With so many steps, logic, and user-based features, we knew that the Project Blueprint would be crucial to ensuring we addressed the project requirements and objectives. Together, we worked with HVAC MS to map out the user flow, document features, and establish which users had access to features and solution capabilities. This enabled us to create a technical approach that would encorporate what we had learned and make additional recommendations that would help strengthen the solution.

Visual Mockups

Bringing Design To Life

Once we had mapped out the user-flow, funtionality, permissions, and interface of the solution, we needed to bring the solution to life visually. Our team created mockups for a tablet view, so HVAC MS could see how the custom solution would look and function on a tablet.


Tablet-Friendly Custom Solution

After the mockups were approved, our team coded the new design within a private sandbox environment. After thorough testing and approval from HVAC MS, we launched the custom web application. The end result is a tablet and user-friendly custom solution that allows users to track, manage, and comment on the status of the assembly process, and generate reports using gathered data as needed. Implementing this custom web application has increased productivity and allows management to better track the process and opportunities for improvement.Contact us today to get your project started!

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