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About Face Focused®

Face Focused® is a California based orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics clinic. It was founded by Dr. William M Hang (DDS MSD) who has committed his career to advancing a way of thinking in orthodontics that rejects traditional retractive techniques in patients of all ages. They came to us looking to update and restructure their site so it is more user-friendly and better communicates their services and the Face FocusedĀ® Philosophy.

  • Improve design and user experience
  • Create a more visual overview of services
  • Reorganize and expand current resources for enhanced search and browse-ability
  • Dramatically improve SEO performance
  • Grow social engagement and referral traffic
The Outcome

An updated logo and website that supports Face Focused® as the leading United States orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics practice that develops the jaw forward (never backwards), creates better facial balance and more pleasing facial appearance, and protect the airway.


Logo Design

After creating a Project Blueprint and reviewing the Mission Strategy for the project, our team worked to prepare 2 color schemes for Face Focused®. Since Face Focused® has a different philosophy and process, we wanted to stay away from the traditional medical color schemes, and instead take a different approach. The purple color palette was selected and we began creating logo concepts that incorporated a face and illustrated proper facial balance. It was important to update the logo so it communicated what they do quickly.


Setting the Scene

We then began creating stylescapes to show possible design directions for the new site. The stylescapes included design elements, fonts, images, and messaging, which allows the client to choose a direction.


Determining the Structure

Once the design direction had been established, we could then get to work on laying out how the new site would be structured. We created wireframes of each page of the new site, and discussed which sections and information should be incorporated into the layout.

Visual Mockups

Bringing Design To Life

The wireframes were approved and we started on the homepage mockup, which incorporated the stylescape, navigation and structure illustrated within the wireframes. Once the homepage mockup was approved, we got to work on the remaining internal pages and created views for both desktop and mobile.


End Result

After thorough testing and approval from Face Focused®, we launched the WordPress site. The end result is a streamlined and mobile friendly site that showcases Face Focused®'s gorgeous services, philosophy and educational resources within a custom and engaging solution. Have questions for us or want to discuss your project? Contact us today to get your project started!

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