Case Study

Real Mom Daily

About Real Mom Daily

Real Mom Daily "RMD" is a trusted parenting resource for conscious mothers looking to connect. They believe in the importance of giving women a platform to tell their stories, share their experiences, and voice their opinions. RMD came to us looking to update and optimize their site for more engagement and newsletter signups.

  • Improve design and make the site more engaging
  • Create a more user-friendly site with an improved navigation
  • Reorganize current resources for enhanced browse-ability
  • Setup a personalized newsletter template and affiliate plugin
  • Dramatically improve SEO performance
The Outcome

A new logo, optimized website and marketing materials that supports Real Mom Daily as the trusted resource for daily news and parenting tips for conscious mothers looking to stay up-to-date on world news and connect.


Logo Design

The original RMD logo incorporated several different font styles and a wide range of colors. We worked with RMD to establish which colors were ideal for their target audience, and discussed how we could refine the logo so it connected with that audience. The end result is a balanced logo with sleek and professional fonts.

Original Logo

Logo Concepts

Final Logo


Setting the Scene

Once the new logo had been picked, we used the messaging and images from our Creative Alignment activity to create a stylescape, which includes the color scheme and elements for the new design. This helps to establish the direction of the new design.


Determining the Structure

With the design direction established, our team started with a homepage wireframe, which we used to outline where content and call to actions would be placed throughout the page. Once the homepage was approved, we created wireframes for the internal pages.

Visual Mockups

Bringing Design To Life

Our design team then got to work on creating a mockup of the homepage. The mockup includes the established color scheme and images from the stylescape, the sections and layout shown in the wireframe, and the messaging developed during Mission Strategy. We setup two newsletter templates and automatic campaigns that would pull specific RSS feeds from the site, and setup a Mom'bassador plugin that allows users to signup for the affiliate program and track their shares within a user dashboard.


End Result

RMD reviewed the mockups and after we received approval, we began implementing the new design onto our sandbox environment. Once implementation was completed, we presented the sandbox environment and tested the site across mobile devices and popular browsers. The end result is a stunning, restructured site that showcases Real Mom Daily's engaging and entertaining content within a custom and engaging interface. It is 4 seconds faster, performs better, and will support RMD as they continue to grow. Have questions for us or want to discuss your project? Contact us today to get your project started!

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