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How to Outrank Your Competitors

Are you anxious about starting your online business because you're worried you might miss a key step that

could cost you SERIOUS time and money? In this guide we'll cover 5 KEY steps that will help you succeed online!

Know Your Enemy:

Before we discuss what options are best for you and your business, let’s take a look at what has already been proven to be successful in your industry. We will need to identify what tactics your biggest competitors are using to get the top spot and learn how we can implement a similar but superior strategy. First you will need to see what keywords are being used, these keywords are what customers are searching to find your products. By looking at a few of your competitor’s sites, you will begin to see a trend of the most popular keywords they utilize. Next you need to determine if your competitors are using PPC campaigns to bid on keywords. Take notes on how the top ads are structured, did they add deals, ongoing promotions, or just have a catchy tagline? Finally you will need learn who is linking your competitor’s content. The individuals or businesses that are linking your competitor’s content will be valuable assets later on.

On-Site SEO:

Once you have taken a good look into your competition, it’s now time to take a look at yourself. You have seen what the industry leaders are doing to secure the top spot, how many of those strategies are you implementing? Before we look into PPC campaigns or link building, we need to consider what can be done on-site to increase your SEO rankings. The most important is going to be choosing the right keywords, without effective keywords choices, clients either won’t be able to find your site or your content may not be relevant to them. If there is only one thing you can afford to do for SEO it should be to update your Meta Tag Titles, Keywords, and Descriptions. The Meta Tags will provide Google’s bots with all the information they need to quickly and accurately index your site, choosing the right keywords will allow for customers searching for your product on Google to have an easier time finding your store.

Content Creation:

In regards to SEO, content is king. You need to produce content whose quality can’t be matched by your competitors. While the type on content you’ll produce varies wildly from industry to industry, there are some guidelines to follow that will carry over to almost every industry. If your industry is well established, odds are there is already a ton of quality content that has already been produced. Look to see what content is popular in your industry and try and find ways to improve upon it. Older content may need to be updated, brief content may need to be expanded upon, the point is that this information has already proven to be valuable enough to be shared and viewed by customers and business owners within your industry. Creating this type on content will be a great starting point to creating truly great, industry leading content.

Link Building:

Now that we have great content, how do you start to disperse it to your audience? The goal here is to build up a network of partner sites that can help to distribute your content either freely or for a price. Now this sounds obvious but how does one actually start building this network? This is where your prior research will really begin to pay off. At this point in time, you should know not only what type of content is most popular, but most importantly, who has been sharing this content. Every blog, content site, and social media account that you already looked into will all be great places to reach out to. You already know that they produce similar content, have gotten a positive reaction from it, and because of this, they could be more likely to share your content. Until you have started to build your own content producing network, use these simple techniques to begin getting your content out to the world.

It’s important to understand that outranking your competition and SEO in general isn’t something that happens overnight and if you’re competing against industry giants with million dollar marketing budgets, it might even take years. Although it isn’t easy, those willing to invest the time will be rewarded with that coveted top spot.