Our Process

How We Do It

We've spent over a decade developing and refining our 5-step process to help eCommerce companies transform their businesses. All projects start with a blueprint so we both have a clear understanding of the goals for the project, have established benchmarks and metrics to measure our progress, and have a clear technical approach outlined for how we're going to reach those goals.

Phase One

Project Blueprint

During this phase, we learn about your current challenges, goals, feature and design requirements. We then create a technical approach to solve these challenges and achieve your goals. Upon completion, you'll receive your Project Blueprint with a site and competitor analysis, established benchmarks, wireframes, a recommended sitemap, optimized navigation, and a custom technical approach with a set price and timeline.

Phase Two

Mission Plan

We start by reviewing the Project Blueprint together to discuss how we plan to tackle the objectives for the project, create a checklist of items needed, followed by a review of the technical approach. We then establish what content we will need from you to plan for the design phase of the project, prepare our Creative Alignment presentation based on our conversations, and create a Stylescape to establish the direction for the new design.

Phase Three

Branding and Design

Branding is what your audience and the general public think and feel about your company. Although you can't tell them what to think, we can influence it. We work with you to identify your brand's personality, voice, values and messaging, and present your brand within a cohesive, easy-to-use online presence that resonates with your target customers. At the end of this phase, you will receive your new design resources and files.

Phase Four

Development Build

Our team sets up and codes your approved design within a private sandbox environment. During this phase, we also optimize the site for search engine visibility, performance, ADA Compliance, and test the usability and functionality of the site across popular browsers and mobile devices along the way. At the end of this phase, we present your sandbox environment, and utilize our debugging system to track any bugs, issues, or feedback.

Phase Five

Delivery and Deployment

After you have reviewed the sandbox and provided your feedback, we will deliver a Mission Launch document for you to approve so we can finalize the official launch date and time of your new site. We will then provide remaining project deliverables, documentation, and a video walk-through, so your team has resources they can revisit, as needed. Once we have launched your new site, our warranty on our code will become active.

We Stand By Our Work

Warranty & Documentation

Once the project has been completed, your warranty on all code created by our team will become active. We will also deliver developer documentation and a training video.

Keep The Momentum

On-going Digital Strategy

Once your new site has been launched, you'll want to drive traffic and interest. We offer several on-going services to help make that happen: SEO, SEM and PPC Management.

Free E-Commerce Self Audit Guide

Download our free guide so you can determine where you are now, establish benchmarks and start creating a road map to track your progress and achieve your online goals faster!.