Our Process

How We Do It

We have spent over a decade developing and refining our 5-step process. Our experience has shown us that setting expectations and communicating are the foundation for ensuring your project is a success.

Phase One

Captain's Flight Plan

We develop the Captain’s Flight Plan together so we can understand where you are now, establish where you want to be, and provide a clear path on how we plan to get you there.

Phase Two

Mission Strategy

Planning is one of the most important phases of a project, as it allows us to set expectations and ensure each phase goes as smoothly as possible.

Phase Three

Branding and Design

We work with you to identify your personality, voice, values and messaging that will resonate with customers within an easy to use solution.

Phase Four

Development Build

Our team codes your approved design within a private sandbox enviroment, optimizes the site for the targeted keywords, and tests the usability, performance and functionality along the way.

Phase Five

Delivery and Deployment

After you have reviewed the sandbox and have provided your feedback, we will provide a launch document to finalize the official launch date and time. We will then provide project deliverables, documentation, and a video walkthrough.

We Stand By Our Work

Warrant And Documentation

Once the project has been completed, your warranty will become active on all code created by your team, and developer documentation will be delievered.

Keep The Momentum

Ongoing Digital Strategy

Once your new site has been launched, we offer several on-going services: Marketing Strategry, SEO, and PPC Managment. Another sentence here to even both sides.

Free Self Audit Guide

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